Word Class: 
And then, and also. This particle functions as a connector of clauses or nouns. It most frequently occurs in long lists, and reminds the addresee that what follows is more of the same list.
Kurungurr Example:
Amatyi, gagu wirritywirrity, awanggi, karrwakkarrwak, gagu mentyenimba, budenggu, afiwurr, gagu lion, tiger, elephant, gagu abatymirri, eperrperr, gagu awirrfirr. Ninde aditymadi, gagu adityibi, emen'giny, gagu pultyerrk.
(At Melbourne Zoo) there were kangaroos, lorikeets, crows, kookaburras, diving shags, Little pied cormorants, Great cormorants, lions, tigers, elephants, black ducks, Burdekin ducks, whistle ducks. And also there were pygmy geese, bandicoots, goannas and eagles.