Videos (with Text)

The collection of videos below was mostly recorded by Nick Reid in 2013 and 2015. If you are interested in the text, you can play the video with either or both the Ngan'gi transcription and English translation visible - use the 'Set Displayed Tracks' button on the right-hand side of the media item to make your choice. If you'd prefer to just watch the video on a bigger screen, either click the 'Video Only' option, which can be found under "Related Digital Heritage item" (where applicable).

Interview about teacher training

Monica talks about her teacher training at Bachelor College and the challenges facing her children as they grow up at Nauiyu.

Having my mum here at Nauiyu

Monica Masyiwan talks about going fishing with her mum, and having her help to raise her kids.

The Parry's Mango Farm cemetery

Minyinit Parry discusses the cemetery at Mango Farm, which used to belong to her family, and her desire to one day be buried there herself.

Anne Haywood

Kanyirra Ngayi

Ngerembe and the Olive Python

Louise Pendele tells the story of her daughter Ngerembe being approached by an Olive Python.

Growing Up

Marrfurra talks about how her dad grew her up, and how he taught his kids about their country.

Going fishing


Wudapu's didjeridu