Language and Culture

Ngan’gi is an Aboriginal language of Australia’s Northern Territory. It is spoken by about 150-200 people in the region around the Daly River, most of them living in the communities of Nauiyu, Peppimenarti, Wudigapildhiyerr, and in a number of smaller outstations on traditional lands, such as Nganambala and Merrepen. The name ‘Ngan’gi’ is a shorter name for two closely related varieties of language called Ngan’gikurunggurr and Ngen’giwumirri. As a rich language with a highly complex grammar and elaborate vocabulary, Ngan’gi is one of about 250 different languages that contribute to the wealth of Australia’s linguistic diversity.

This site provides:

  • information about the grammar of Ngan’gi and the social world of its speakers
  • photos from Nick Reid’s early fieldtrips to the Daly region in 1981
  • videos of Ngan’gi speakers recorded mostly in 2013
  • lists of books and articles about Ngan’gi
  • some downloadable resources for people interested in this language

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